Neck and Back Pain Solutions

Phoenix' Spine Specialty Center.

Desert Spine and Scoliosis Center of Arizona is not only a
venue for top orthopedic spine surgery but also a place for
superb patient care and convenience.

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Get Your Life Back

What would more mobility mean to you?

At Desert Spine and Scoliosis Center (Mesa, AZ) we realize that
back and neck pain means more than just suffering from pain.
The way we see it, we offer more than just quality, orthopedic spine surgery... we aim to give people their lives back.

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Lose the Pain...Keep The Motion

An Innovative Alternative to Conventional Spine Surgery

Conventional spine surgery is not for everyone. DSSC is one of only a limited number of Surgical Centers in Arizona to offer the cutting-edge
Artificial Disc Replacement Option.

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Are You our next Satisfied Patient?

Our Goal in Patient Care is to create Raving Fans!

This starts by understanding your needs.
We understand your concerns about convenience, cost and safety.
Our supreme objective is to get you the relief you need as fast
and as conveniently as possible.

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Wade C

I want to thank you and your staff for renewing my life and getting me through my time of pain. Thank you for kindly putting up with me when I got a little anxious before my procedure. I commend you for the excellent care you provided to me. I feel great and will now be able to move on to a much more active life. Thank you and God bless you all.

Services and Conditions

Lumbar Disc Herniation

Under certain conditions the discs of the lumbar spine can become compromised, causing a portion of the disc to enter the lumbar spinal canal or adjacent lateral recesses.  Narrowing of the lateral canals will often result in irritation of lumbar nerve roots, causing pain down the leg.

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Spondylolisthesis is a condition commonly encountered by our phoenix spine surgeons at our mesa, az orthopedic spine center.  The condition occurs when one of the vertebrae of the spine slips forward on the bone below, causing a variety of potentials symptoms including nagging low back pain and ...
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Sciatica is one of the most common symptoms that our Phoenix Spine Surgeons attend to.  This is characterized by a radiating pain through the lower back, buttock and leg.  The symptoms of sciatica may vary.  We offer a variety of treatment options for this condition.

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"If you live in the Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler or surrounding areas in Arizona and you suffer from neck, lower back, leg and or arm pain, there are a number of spine surgeons for you to choose from in your search for relief. We believe that no phoenix spine specialist will respect your time and your patient experience more than the staff at Desert Spine and Scoliosis Center. By allowing us to help you, you take us one step closer to our goal of becoming the Southwest's finest Orthopedic Spine Surgery Center. We value your trust in us - Thank You!" Dr. Rafath Baig, M.D.
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4566 E Inverness Ave, Suite 208, Mesa, AZ 85206